About us

We love animation in all possible ways. From the beginning of our production, we have put great emphasis on art creation, precise timing of the animation and the invisible hand of the film trick – the best film tricks are those what you can’t see! During the years of our being on the market, we have profiled out as a producer of creative and art top-services in the area of animation, postproduction, commercials and film. VFX has expanded into a label – studio of a new generation, which uses the latest technologies for creation and communication. Progressively, we have started to develop and produce our own film and television projects. We are working now on a project of animation series for children, and we are working on concept for a feature sci-fi movie.
Each upcoming project is unique for us. Each new project is a piece of art for us. We are trying to approach to the theme conceptually, because every project has its own form of communication with the audience. Which correspondence with unique type of visual communication. During the realization we are trying hard to use our extreme sense for art rendering and great timing. Our specialization is in using and combining more art techniques together. We keep a close eye on the newest trends in development of animation, post production and design. Lately there has been a noticeable comeback of original “retro“ art techniques such as a hand draw animation, cell animation or pixilation. The latest fashion wave is to combine these retro styles with the newest animation styles like a 3D or Motion graphic design. Our team contains experienced animators for 3D animation, simulations and motion capture as well as for hand draw animation, cell animation and Motion graphic design. We also love to create animation using the real techniques as a pixilation or puppet animation. There are also industry designers in our team, who are creating overtime look for objects and characters. VFX also cooperates with a wide range of freelancers, specialists for programming, graphic design, scriptwriting, concept art, etc.
Our main clients are commercial and creative agencies, film and commercial productions and post production studios. We offer complete service of creative animation and post production. We do complete service of Art direction and project supervision. We do the pre-production services as animatics, VFX planning, character and environment creation. We do the production services as animation supervision, modeling, texturing, mapping, rigging, lighting, rendering and all kinds of 3D and 2D and the real animation. We do the post production services as compositing, retouching, digital paint and grading, finishing.
We cooperates with studios which are developing computer games, mobile apps and other multimedia projects. We have our own experience with video-mapping and we work for studios, which are specializing on this kind of projects. We do also service of creating corporate design, film and TV graphics and title design for feature-length films, documentary films and TV series. Our shorts has been selected e.g. IFF Cannes – cinefondation, nomination for Student Oscar 2008 and many other festivals around the world. Check our films to see the full list of festival successes.

Actual client list:

MarkBBDO / Publicis / Comtech / Rust2 / Lowe / Euro RSCG / DDB / JWT / Caspen-jungv.matt / Young & rubican / Ogilvy & mather / Stillking / Exit films / Punk film / Bistro films / Axman productions / Filmbreak / UPP / Eallin / Armada films / Dawson / Lucky man / Emifilm / RMC / Evropa 2 / Frekvence 1 / Rádio Bonton / Estat / Tatabojs / Kryštof / ČVUT / Hollywood classic entertainment / ZKA4T / Catworks / Loosers / ADNS / GPS / Cushman & Wakefield / Havas / Love Savage / Silencio / Macula / Czech television / Shining pictures / Boogie films / Bionaut / Kontrafilm / etc.